About one of our represented glass factory:

Starting the middle of the 1960ies, the locality Orosháza has become known as being the citadel of the glass industry in Hungary, not only in the country but also abroad. With this proud heritage was our limited liability trading company set up in 1995, based on the sheet glass processing unit of the old factory. Our company is an enterprise which is 100% Hungarian property. Nowadays production is carried out not only in the production facilities having a basic surface area of about 20.000 m2 in Orosháza, but also in our division operated in Budapest.
We provide competitiveness on the market by our high-quality products using our own machinery for processing purposes, employing basic materials delivered by authorized suppliers – GLAVERBEL, GUARDIAN, SAINT-GOBAIN, DORMA. Actually, OROSházaGLAS Kft. manufactures for primary and secondary utilization, among others, as follows:
-glass for thermal and acoustic insulations, security, fire and explosion resistant, for construction purposes, protection roofs, point attachment and structural facades,
-sanded hard doors and painted doors, partitioning walls, glass portals, shower cabins in internal architectural purposes – including design and execution – as well as bathroom shelves, additional glass items for bath tubs, washing basin plates, additional fireplace items, glass for furniture, roofing systems, glass tables, flower supports, aquariums;
-hard security and insulating glass for the purposes of the automotive industry.

Equipments & machines
  • 4 TAMGLASS tempering furnaces
    (max size: 2800x6000mm)
  • 3 glass laminating furnaces
    (max size: 2600x5100mm)
  • 3 insulating glass production lines
    (max size: 2500x5000mm)
  • 2 Heat Soak furnaces
  • 2 Sandblasting machines

Numerous glass washing machines

  • 9 CNC processign centres
  • 2 rolling painter machines
    (max size: 2600x6000mm)
  • 3 screen painting machines
  • 3 cutting tables
  • 5 grinding machines
  • 1 CNC drilling and cutting work station
Technical parameters:
  • Establishment: 1964
  • Number of employees: 200 person
  • Turnover: 13.000.000. EUR
  • Area of factory: 20.000 m²
  • Capacity: 250.000 m²


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001